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With over 10 years of experience Happymum is one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing maternity wear brands. We are proud that we can deliver fabulous fashion to expectant women and new mothers around Europe (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine), Australia and New Zealand.
Born from Passion
The idea of creating Happymum was born when a young pregnant and passionate about fashion Anna Goralska discovered that she had nothing to wear. While her bump was growing, she designed her first maternity collection. That led her to creating well known all over Europe brand that offers future mums beautiful maternity wear with great smart solutions.
 Comfortable & Beautiful
At Happymum we always aim to design clothes that will make you feel comfortable, beautiful and stylish throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. Our maternity clothes are designed the way they emphasize the bump and fit you perfectly, because they are made from fabrics that grow as you do. We use smart solutions that combine best quality and kind to sensitive skin fabrics with detail – driven design techniques like drapery, overlaps, straps, wraps, box pleats.
 Collections with Passion
We create our collections with passion by following current trends and bringing unique touches into our outfits. This helps us stand out among other maternity wear brands and makes us the perfect store to pick up everything you need at every stage of your pregnancy.
 Original, Comfortable, Beautiful and Stylish - Be a HappyMum
Our original and affordable fashion with beautiful designs, will not only make you feel comfortable but will also make you look awesome and stylish all around these magic nine months.
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