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A convenient maternity dress is a must-have while being pregnant, as during this special time there are usually a few occasions, like various family or corporate events, where you will need one. In our maternity occasion wear you will find beautiful and sensible dresses that will make you look amazing and feel comfortable, as they are made from finest fabrics and designed the way to flatter your figure.

Maternity Occasion Dresses

Maternity tops are another essentials for maternity period. They are very popular among expectant women, as they are extremely comfortable and you can also combine them with other pieces in your wardrobe and wear them throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond. In our collection, you will find a variety of maternity tops, from casual to elegant, with beautiful patterns and in vibrant colours.

Maternity Tops

Nursing clothes are maternity wear essentials that every future mum planning to breastfeed should consider to have when the baby arrives. Our nursing collection has been designed to allow new mums easy access and discretion while feeding without any compromise on style and look. We have a wide range of breastfeeding tops, tunics, shirts, and dresses, all in beautiful colours and designs.

Nursing / Breastfeeding Clothes

Maternity trousers are definitely one of the most popular essentials in future mum’s wardrobe.You can wear them on all occasions and whole year around. Happymum have a wide selection of smart maternity trousers for your maternity work wear and formal events when you need to look more elegant and also a great choice of comfy designs for relaxing at the weekends.

Maternity Trousers

In your maternity wardrobe you should also have a few skirts, especially for summer time to keep you cool and comfortable. In our maternity skirt collection we have a variety of different designs for many occasions. You can choose from elegant classic skirts for the office if you are a working future mum or those more casual times, all to keep you stylish all year around.

Maternity Skirts

During pregnancy when your body is changing, it is very important to have a properly fitted, comfortable and cosy underwear. Our maternity lingerie and nightwear have been made from top quality fabrics and designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and also during breastfeeding period. All our nightdresses have front openings for easy nursing.

Maternity Lingerie and Nightwear


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Feel good and Look great all the time!

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